09-08-2016 Hermes Designs

10 Helpful SEO Tips

If you are looking to start a new website, blog or optimize your current website, you have to understand at least some basic SEO. Knowing how to optimize your website will help it rank faster in search engines, which is very important if you want to have a successful business. In this article I will show you 10 SEO tips that will help you build a more profitable site.

1. Social Media

A very important step in order to attract more readers to your website and boost SEO is to have a social media presence.

Sites like Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Google+ will help you expose your site and get people to notice your business.

2. Analytics and Tracking

You need to understand where your visits are coming from and who are the refferers.Knowing where your traffic is coming from and how your audience behaves, will help you improve your website so that more people will come and visit it.

3. Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important. You can use keyword tools like Advanced Web Ranking, Scribe SEO or Google Keyword AdWords to determine which are the most effective words and phrases.

4. Easy Social Sharing

Allow your users to instantly Tweet a link from your page or like it on Facebook. This will generate lots of backlinks which is very good for your website’s ranking.

5. Internal Linking

Internal linking of your webpages is a very important SEO action. Your pages will get spidered by Google and other search engines and this way you keyword rankings will increase.

6. Relevant Content

High quality content is actually the first rule of SEO. Great content is the one that is engaging your audience. Don’t forget to constantly create original, dynamic content. You can see if your articles are read by checking your website’s bounce rate. The lower it is, the better!

7. Navigation

A clean navigation menu is a must. The reader must always easily access any part of your website. A sitemap is always helpful!

8. Guest Posting

Contributing to other sites can be a great way to build backlinks and get recognized in your website’s niche.Also comment on high ranked websites, engaging with other readers will get yourself known in the community.

9. Try Pay-Per-Click Services

PPC companies are not very good long term solutions but they can be useful! PPC ads are a decent way of driving traffic to your website.

10. Get listed in online directories

There are many web directories, which will list your business in one or more categories and include a backlink to your site. An important tip is to look for directories that are human-edited. Some of them are free, most of them are not. Research and see the ones that best suit your business.