01-09-2016 Hermes Designs vs vs

While all three services run fundamentally the same Content Management System (CMS), what is it that separates them? The table below looks to lay out some principle differences you may need to consider before delving straight in.

Full Theme Support

Any theme you can find may be installed, both commercial & free themes are all up for grabs. You can customise and do anything you want, but will be required to keep it up to date.

Full Plugin Support

Any plugin goes, free, paid or custom. Fully stretch WordPress to the limits of what it can do, but ensure you keep everything up to date and keep security exploits at bay.

Not Hosted or Maintained

You will need to arrange all the hosting and installation yourself plus pay the monthly or yearly costs. Once running you will need to do all maintenance and troubleshoot any future potential problems that may arise.


You are free to sell ad space and work with any advertising companies you like. All while, most importantly, keeping 100% of the fees.

Full Theme Support

Limited to only the free and premium Themes already available. No CSS or template editing is possible and installing Themes from outside sources is strictly off limits. A $30 upgrade is available to allow CSS editing.

Some Plugin Support

No support for plugins although there is some plugin like features not available on standard installs. VIP program does allow full control over plugins for only $2500 per month.

Hosted & Maintained

Subdomain and hosting is included, but a domain will need to be registered if you want a professional name in the address bar. All infrastructure and updates are handled by Automatic

Limited Monetisation

Once you reach 25,000 monthly page impressions you are allowed to join the Ad Control program where you will receive 50% of any revenue.

Most Theme Support

Access to Themes already installed plus VikToo will install and maintain most Themes from other marketplaces. CSS editing is possible, however theme templates are not directly editable.

Most Plugin Support

Prime Plugins are already installed allowing you to immediately activate what you need. If it’s not, then VikToo will add it and maintain it’s updates for you.

Hosted & Maintained

Much the same as, you will receive a subdomain and hosting with unlimited bandwidth on every package including free websites. All updates and infrastructure are taken care of by VikToo.


No limits! Work with whatever advertisers or partners you want. VikToo also promises to only ever place advertising on free websites too!